Thank you, Ward 1! Thank you, Champlin!

Dear neighbors across Ward 1, THANK YOU!

Thank you for your vote, thank you for your questions, for sharing your thoughts, ideas, and concerns over the course of the campaign season. Thank you to all who hosted campaign signs and then mowed around them for three months. Thank you, friends, for your encouragement and offers to help. Thank you, Ward 1, in advance for continuing to be present and bold in participating in our local government. I am so excited and motivated to tackle our challenges with you and find resolutions that preserve your good feeling for home; to seek consensus and understanding that makes us better — healthier, more engaged, encouraged and heard — as a community today and well into our future.

Dear friends across Champlin and beyond, THANK YOU!

Your care and support, our conversations and your advocacy of me made a difference in my heart and at the polls. Having experienced our democracy for the first time as a candidate on the ballot, I have to say: You’re Amazing!  Being on the inside of a campaign and seeing the insights and numbers of people who research websites, ask questions, challenge candidates, share what they like and don’t like about policy, post on social media, share posts and on and on — wow! It’s truly incredible.  We really do live in a great country and it IS citizenship at all levels that makes it so.

Last but certainly not least, dear Mr. Huttner and Mr. Thiel, it was an honor to participate in this process with each of you. I greatly respect you both, your respective perspectives, and I hope to work with you in the next four years to address the issues in our ward.

I am going to redesign this website in the coming months to serve as an additional resource for residents of Champlin.  In the meantime, please reach out to me by phone at 651.336.2047 or email at  I can also be found on Facebook @jessicatesdallforward1.

With sincere regard and a grateful heart,

Champlin Councilmember for Ward 1