Meet Jessica

JESSICA TESDALL is the City of Champlin Councilmember for Ward 1, the working mother of three young sons, a Champlin resident of nearly 10 years, and a Champlin Park High School graduate (class of ’96).  She is a professional marketer in commercial construction, diligent volunteer, a former teacher, and an active advocate for maintaining our unique community in Champlin.


I feel so blessed to be a part of this community; blessed that this community is the hometown my boys will grow up in and later come home to.  It remains an honor to serve you as the Councilmember for Ward 1.  I welcome the opportunity to meet you and learn more about what motivates you, excites you or concerns you about living in Champlin.  If you have questions, interests or concerns to share or would like more information about my candidacy, please feel free to contact me.


My family moved to Champlin in January 2009.  My husband, Ryan, and I have three sons: Jackson, age 10, a 5th grader this year at Champlin-Brooklyn Park Academy (CBPA); Nicholas (Nico, for short), who will be 8 in November, a 2nd grader also at CBPA; and Camden, just turned 6 years old, entering Kindergarten this fall and very excited to ride the school bus with his brothers.  So many of our blessings result from living in Champlin–our children’s school, our neighbors, and an enriching, engaged community of people.

I was born and raised in Fridley, MN.  My parents continue to be my role models.  They impressed upon me from childhood the importance, sacrifices, perseverance, and the rewards of hard work.  My father’s family has a farming and military background.  My mother’s family is generations-deep in construction trades.  Together, they are business owners and active in a number of charitable organizations.


Ryan and I moved to Champlin when Jackson was 11-months old.  I knew Champlin as a teenager at Champlin Park High School but as a new resident with a young, growing family, we were most excited about the small-town feeling of Champlin, the schools, and the ease of access to amenities and services all within close proximity to home.  By 2012, we were parents of three, active in our growing circle, and our shared passion for our community had firm roots.  As the boys get older and Ryan and I experience new phases of life together, I only expect those roots to grow deeper and more meaningful.

My commitment to community service in Champlin started first as a parent volunteer at my boys’ school; I have coached Pre-K and Kindergarten soccer (that is, unfortunately, the extent of my soccer abilities), and I have volunteered in a variety of roles within the youth hockey association.  I am continuously inspired to do more because of the many, many community members I meet doing the exact same thing I try to do every day –working hard to make positive experiences and impacts for others.  It only took us a couple years in Champlin to know that this is a special place and exactly where we want to be for the rest of our lives.  Because of our long-term perspective, my deep appreciation and admiration for the good people of this community and my innate desire to help whenever needed, I am driven to ensure, in every way I can, that Champlin remains a lovely, close-knit community.

In 2015, I became a founding Board member of the Champlin Community Foundation (CCF), a non-profit organization with a mission to support community-minded events and actions within our city.  I was an exciting opportunity to collaborate with other residents on events and offer Champlin-residents opportunities to connect.  I formally resigned my position on the Board in December of 2017 due to scheduling conflicts with my City Council duties.  I admire the continued growth, mission, and vision for future community events and good deeds under the Foundation’s new leadership.


On January 9th, 2017, I was unanimously voted into office by the City Council.

Serving on the Council these past 20 months has been equal parts challenge and privilege.  In a short amount of time, we have faced major infrastructure reconstruction, preparation, and planning for a cornerstone community development in the Mississippi Crossings area on the riverfront, comprehensive community planning, new dynamics in public safety and law enforcement in addition to the work involved in maintaining property values and community assets.  At the same time, I have enjoyed meeting fellow residents I likely would not have had the pleasure of knowing.  I am grateful to have had the opportunity to know and collaborate with city administration and staff who tirelessly and passionately work to enhance our daily lives.

As a resident and a Councilmember, I am so proud of our fair city.  With your vote, I would be honored to represent you and serve Champlin for another four years as Champlin Councilmember for Ward 1.


My professional resume is long and varied.  I have been blessed with interesting careers in two areas:  education and marketing.  Insights and skills derived from each have been an asset to me in efforts on the City Council.

I started my teaching career in 2001 at Isanti Middle School (IMS) in the Cambridge-Isanti School District as an 8th grade Reading teacher.  In my 5-year tenure, I also taught 7th grade Reading and core skills development in 5th through 8th-grade after-school programs.  In 2006, I was hired by Anoka-Hennepin Schools as a Teaching and Learning Specialist for Secondary ESL.  In that role, collaboration, effective leadership, standards-based decision making and planning were essential.  My time with Anoka-Hennepin continues to be a source of great personal and professional pride.

Late in 2010, upon the birth of my second child, I took a leave of absence from full-time work at Anoka-Hennepin and took two part-time jobs that allowed my family flexibility for childcare.  I rediscovered my passion for business development and marketing in website development, social media marketing, and advertising as Communications Director at Central Roofing Company.  I also accepted an adjunct instructional position at my alma mater, St. Olaf College, in the Education Department where I evaluated and mentored student teachers and taught teaching methods and assessment courses in the evenings.

Early in 2015, I left St. Olaf to pursue my career in marketing full-time.  I continue to work at Central Roofing Company, now as the Vice President of Marketing.  In that role, I have responsibility for planning, budgeting and executing a six-figure annual marketing strategy; I oversee the company’s charitable works and consult on business development trends as well as provide training in human resources, media awareness, and diversity for over 200 employees.


I am a graduate of Champlin Park High School (class of ’96).  I am proud that my graduating class was the first to attend all four years of high school at Champlin Park.

I attended St. Olaf College (class of ’00) in Northfield, MN.  I was the first member of my family to go to college. There, I studied Communications and English, as well as coursework to earn my teaching licensure.  While working full-time, I later earned a Master’s degree from St. Mary’s University (class of ’02) in Curriculum & Instruction with an emphasis on diverse learners.  Since graduate school I have pursued doctorate-level coursework at the University of St. Thomas in Educational Leadership and more recently, professional development training in marketing, media relations, and graphic design.


If you would like to get involved in the election by supporting my candidacy, first, THANK YOU!  I am so grateful for your vote and participation.  Click here to learn more.