Communication for Common Ground.

Collaboration for Common Good.

Community-Minded, Common Sense Decision-Making.

I was honored to be appointed City of Champlin Councilmember for Ward 1 on January 9, 2017.  It was (and remains) my hope and personal mission to represent my Ward and our community with integrity and compassion; to apply my varied experience and professional skills to resolve the issues that face us as Champlin develops and changes while preserving our identity and the unique hallmarks of this place that enriches the lives of my family and yours in so many ways, big and small. I believe that impact results from action, not intentions, and community is created and nurtured through shared experiences and understanding.

As your City Councilmember, serving as a resource and an effective voice for my ward is my first priority.  Issues of importance City-wide in the next four years include the sound development of the Mississippi Crossings area and the surrounding park space; maintaining the level of our City services including public safety, park amenities, and trails; increasing effective communication with residents; addressing our aging infrastructure, staffing, and capital equipment needs while supporting a balanced comprehensive budget to lessen tax burdens on current and future residents.

I am seeking your vote this November because I believe my values and experience make me the best choice in this election to represent my ward and Champlin.  Communication, collaboration and a passion for community and service summarize my core leadership values, representation style and preparedness to serve.  It would be my honor to advocate for you, your family and your neighbors in another term as Champlin Councilmember for Ward 1.   



Communication.  With over 15 years working in education, public relations and marketing, I know the value of effective communication. New ideas, questions and answers, and yes, even complaints, are important to progress, our sense of community, belonging and trust.  As your Councilmember, I believe it is my obligation to provide timely information about City issues, events and resources.  Your awareness and participation in our local government are important to reaching community-centered consensus on issues.  It is my practice to be proactive about sharing information about significant resident impacts and actively seek the input of residents in a variety of ways, so as to reach residents where they are lookingIf elected, I will continue to seek and implement effective ways to bolster my own communication as well as the communication performance and efficiencies of City departments and staff.

Collaboration.  As your Councilmember, I have the experience to know that this work is not done in isolation.  Furthermore, my professional skills and experiences provide me with a rich background in working with a team to reach common good and consensus.  Whether I am working with residents one-on-one to reach understanding on an issue, with staff to research options and impacts to residents, budget, or services, or with our exceptional City Council to make good choices on all aspects of local government, I welcome the perspectives of others.  We are stronger together.  From me you can expect a representative who listens, seeks to learn and understand,  a representative who comes to the table prepared and ready to advocate for that which protects our community identity, our shared interests, and property values.  If elected, I will continue to strive to be positive, professional, inquisitive and open-minded in all aspects of this position.

Community.  I feel blessed to live in Champlin.  The people, our parks and green spaces, the quality of our local businesses and schools; prior to holding office, all these things and more resulted in my personal satisfaction as a resident.  Champlin is my forever-home and I am dedicated to maintaining our stability and vitality.  I sought office to contribute and serve this meaningful place.  As a member of the City Council, my depth of understanding and appreciation for our community as a whole and my Ward grew exponentially.

We are fortunate to live in a well-managed, fiscally healthy City.  Specific to Ward 1, we are fortunate to live in one of the most diverse areas of Champlin.  Ward 1 includes one-third of the community’s riverfront including Galloway Park which is currently designated a primarily natural, green space and our riverfront redevelopment site known as Mississippi Crossings.  It also includes a large portion of our current local businesses and vacant land for sale along the highway corridor.  Ward 1 also has some of the most diverse types of housing stock, aging infrastructure and pockets of space yet to be developed.  We are the nearest border to our neighbors in Dayton, which has a great deal of space yet-to-be-developed into housing yet no river crossing or major outlets within their community to facilitate traffic movement.  Ward 1 will face challenges in the near future.  Deep understanding and appreciation for the unique features of my ward and the rest of Champlin, to me, is essential to effective representation.  If elected, I will continue to strive to be forward-thinking and mindful of what is important to you; I will continue to proactively discuss impacts with residents and research trends and potential community impacts in order to be an asset and active participant in Council discussions.  I will continue to strive to use common sense and compassion to make the best possible decisions for my constituents in Ward 1, residents at-large and the future of our community.

For more information about me, my family and background, my experience prior to and since joining the Champlin City Council, and more, please visit the “Meet Jessica” page or click here.  Thank you for reading.  I hope to hear from you soon about what you value.  Let’s connect!