Why Am I Running?

I am passionate about maintaining our unique community,

now and in the future.

Twenty-four thousand residents live in Champlin.  The reality is we are not a small town.  Far from it.  That said, Champlin feels small.  It has nothing to do with geography or actual population and everything to do with the special connection residents have to this town. and therefore, with each other.  We share a lifestyle, schools, experiences, and a stake in assuring that all that is good in Champlin is maintained.

My long-term goal is to maintain property values through smart community development and efficient services.  Champlin is 95% built up.  Our best chance at offering our children the same Champlin-experience their parents enjoy–safe neighborhoods, good schools, pleasant parks, wooded areas, riverfront amenities, well-maintained trail systems, and a prosperous, supported business community–is to reinvest in property, infrastructure, our parks and remain diligent about preserving our community identity.  By 2030, our Financial Management Plan predicts that there will be no more room for new development in Champlin.  The Council of today has a direct impact on our tomorrow.  I believe that my experience in business development, marketing, promotion, strategic planning, and trends-based decision-making makes me uniquely qualified to serve on the Champlin City Council during this important time in our history.

Other issues of importance that are related to my goal of preserving our stability while setting up our community for future success include:

  • Improving public safety by creating accessible personal and property resources for residents;
  • Increasing methods of what I call “resident relations,” i.e. communication and informative resources, improved direct communication response, well as improved initiatives for community outreach and education;
  • Improving roadway and trail crossings so residents in Ward 1 can reach amenities and other destinations safely;
  • Traffic safety and infrastructure preparedness for population growth in occurring in neighboring communities;
  • Smart City spending and saving so your hard-earned dollars are used effectively to improve your quality of life and well-being; and
  • Transparency of government.

All this and more is possible by actively seeking resident input, reviewing amenities or facility use, life cycle trends, housing needs and mindful, informed development and reinvesting in our community.  I believe my personal desire for a safe, lasting, connected community and stability I can trust is like yours.  This, and time served to-date with our dedicated Council as well as my professional experiences and skills and my leadership values, are assets to the community.  I have a unique voice on the Council and the ability to help move Champlin forward in fiscally responsible, innovative and meaningful ways.  I would be honored to have your vote.

I value your thoughts and look forward to learning more about your priorities.  Please feel free to email me at connect@jessicatesdall-champlinward1.org, call me at 651-336-2047 or click here to message me now.  Thank you!